Main Goal

The goal of P&G292 is to enhance the self-reliance and emancipation of sex workers, whatever their sex/gender, work place or residence status in The Netherlands. P&G292 tries to reach this goal by:

  • Improving and maintaining the physical and sexual health of sex workers;
  • Strengthening the basis for optimal mental and social health for sex workers;
  • Consolidating their social and legal position in their communities;
  • Drawing attention to a diversity of forms of sexual violence and exploitation and taking action against them, in collaboration with other organisations.

Core Values

P&G292's vision is best described in relation to its two core values, which cement the point of departure for their work in every respect:

  1. Freedom to choose an occupation (autonomy). Every human being has the right to choose an occupation and engage in work freely; suppression or exploitation in any form of their freedom of choice are not to be tolerated.
  2. Physical integrity and resilience. Every human being has a right of inviolability of the human body. Autonomy can never mean one should feel forced to perform acts or to be subject to acts. P&G292 encourages resilience as a means of resistance to bodily submission.

Collaboration Statement

"P&G292 finds it important to collaborate with the AFEW Culture Initiative in the lead-up to the International AIDS Conference to reduce the stigma around sex work and HIV/AIDS. One of the key objectives of P&G292 is to improve the position of sex workers and their overcome the difficulties they face in every respect, by all means necessary. Art and culture are a good way to start the much-needed dialogue between Western countries and countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia about successes and challenges surrounding HIV/AIDS and sex work."