AFEW International’s work in the field of Public Health contributes to improvements in the health of key populations at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and viral hepatitis (HCV) in the Eastern Europe and Central Asian (EECA) region. A healthy society in turn contributes to greater stability across EECA, resulting in economic and political growth, a higher quality of life and the right to health for everyone. By empowering communities in the region at stake, AFEW International supports the future of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

AFEW International has built on the knowledge, expertise and network to which it has access today through its continued presence in the EECA region for over fifteen years, increasing access to prevention, treatment and support structures for the most vulnerable communities in society. The organisation's constant collaboration with international, local and regional partners, including the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demonstrate AFEW's reliability and relevance in the sphere of Public Health.

A transnational institution with a unique focus, actively engaged in the fight against pressing Public Health concerns, AFEW International mobilises communities in pursuit of common goals, strengthens solidarity between regions, contributes to the sharing of knowledge and pushes for the fulfilment of people's health and social rights.